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*Open only to non-profits, veterinary clinics, and government facilities.
As an individual you may post a pet for adoption using Find a Pet a Home.

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If you currently use RescueGroups.org please us the email address you used to register with them.

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Shelter, Rescue and Adoption Services

Create and manage online pet postings with personality profiles
Access to canine personality quiz
Match pets with adopters based on compatibility
Add and manage members with four possible access levels
Automatically pull your pets from RescueGroups.org®
Daily (24hr) feed of all updates to your pets on Rescuegroups org®
Custom adoption kits for your adopters
Kits include an adoption certificate, complimentary pet insurance, pet product deals and pet parenting guide
Easy to use interface

ReHoming Program

Refer owners who wish to surrender their pet to the PawsLikeMe rehoming program
PawsLikeMe will complete the adoption process from A-Z and your organization is free of any obligation
We always welcome your involvement, but do not require it
Refer owner surrenders and individuals reporting strays to the rehoming service
Owners and/or guardians of pets in the rehoming program must agree to foster the pet until adopter and are responsible for appropriate housing, care and veterinary expenses at their discretion

*New Services Scheduled October 2016

Cats, cats and more cats will be added to all PawsLikeMe services!
Add a search and pet matching widget directly on your organization website
Enter basic Veterinary records and contact info
File uploads to pet profiles or between members of your organization
In-Shelter Kiosks with your pet list, on-site adopter matching, and printable pet list
Enhanced pet filters