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You can add, remove, and edit members of your organizations.

Name Title Email Telephone Role ? Actions
John Smith Managing Director 321.333.4444 Full Access
Jane Doherty Administrator 321.333.4444 Full Access
John Smith Managing Director 321.333.4444 Full Access
John Smith Administrator 321.333.4444 Full Access

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Your Public Profile is what visitors will see when they access your organization's information. Please ensure that your profile displays only information that you would like the public to see.

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Payment Processing

The PawsLikeMe Partner program allows you to process the entire adoption through our system. Adopters will pay their adoption fee through our secure online payment system. A 10% processing fee will be added on top of the adoption fee. Once the adoption contract has been signed and approved the money will be charged to the adopter and deposited into your bank account within 2 business days.

Bank Account for us to deposit payments in.

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You can see a list of all pets that are assigned to you. Members with administrative permissions can see all pets associated with the organization.

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Image Pet's Name Posted on Pet Type Pet Status Alerts Actions
Roxy 07/20/2012 Dog Adoptable   3  Applicants
  1  Contracts
  5  Messages


Add a Pet

Upload Pet Images    Click to select the cover image for this pet's profile.

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Pet Personality Profile

Take the canine personality assessment

This dog has short bursts of energy throughout the day, but they are short-lived


This dog loves getting attention from everybody.


This dog is easily distracted


This dog needs lots of physical activity to be content


This dog is nervous in new places


This dog follows a favorite person around all day


This dog chews on the same toy/bone for a long time


This dog is pushy about getting attention


In a new place this dog stays very close to a familiar person


It is hard to keep this dog's attention long enough to learn a new trick


This dog is content to be near you, but does NOT require a lot of petting


This dog would love to play fetch (or other games) for hours


In a new situation this dog stands with head up, eyes bright, and tail wagging


A short daily walk around the block is enough exercise for this dog


New places are exciting for this dog


This dog loves licking your hands and face


This dog exhibits nervous or repetative behavior (licking her lips,yawning, pacing, etc.) when meeting new people


Chasing the ball once or twice is about all this dog will do, any more is too much work


This dog could easily be trained to stay as long as you ask


The most exercise this dog likes to get is a walk to the food bowl and then back to bed


Occasional petting is all this dog needs to be content


On a walk this dog prefers to explore than to focus on walking


This dog approaches new places and people with caution, but warms up and is relaxed after a short period of time


This dog will watch something through the window for hours


This dog does NOT like to be pet for long periods of time



Pet Information

Age:* Years Months   OR



Hypo-allergenic?   ?


Special Needs?     ?

Urgent?     ?

House-trained?     ?


Home without dogs
Home without cats
Home without small kids

What is this pet's story? ?

My Templates

Adoption Application: Dog (Please click "View" to approve your application)

Adoption Contract: Dog (Please click "View" to approve your contract)

Paws-Like-Me has researched over 500 adoption applications used by organizations across the country, and created a standard template with the most popular and important questions. Although we recommend this template, the customization feature allows you to add from a large selection of additional questions.

Select the questions you wish potential adopters to answer and then select "Save." Selecting the "Reset" Button with revert any changes you made to your most recent saved version or to our defaults if first edit.

About the Adopter

All forms will include the following information

  • Full Name
  • Primary Phone
  • Secondary Phone (if given)
  • Physical Address
  • Agree they are over 18 years
  • Preferred method of contact

Optional Questions

Date of Birth (Not Recommended) ?
Occupation (Not Recommended) ?

About the home

How long have you lived at this address?
Do you rent or own?

Information collected if adopter rents.

Landlord Company/Name:
Company Contact (if other than above)
Landlord phone:
May we contact your landlord?
Are there any size restrictions on dogs? If so please explain.
What type of residence do you live in?
Do you have a pool?
Do you have a fenced in yard?
What type of fence do you have?
How tall is the fence?
Is the fence in good repair? If not please explain.
Is there a lock on the fence?
Do you have a doggy door?
Are you planning on moving within the next 12 months? If so please explain.


What type of vehicle(s) will be used to transport the dog?
If you have a pick-up truck, how will the dog be transported?

Household Members

Including yourself, how many members do you have living in your household?
Are any of these members children? If so what are their ages?
Do any household members have a disability? If so please list any concerns you may have.
Are any family members allergic to dogs?
How do you plan to deal with these allergies?
What will happen to the dog if the allergies can not be controlled?
How many part-time residents do you have living in your household?
Are any of these part-time residents children? If yes, please list their ages.
Please briefly describe your household activity on an average day.
How many hours on an average work day will the dog be without human company?

Pet Experience

Have you owned or been responsible for a pet in the last 10 years?
Have you ever participated in a rescue foster program for dogs, cats, or other animals? If so please explain.
Have you ever had a personal pet with a behavioural problem? If yes please describe the problem and how you dealt with it.
Are you willing to give your dog a monthly prescription heartworm preventative?
If no, please explain why not.
Are you willing to give your dog regularly scheduled flea prevention?
If no, please explain why not.
Are you willing to give your dog regularly scheduled tick prevention?
If no, please explain why not.
Do you currently have a veterinarian?
Can we contact the office for a reference? If yes, please provide practice name, veterinarian's name, and office phone number.
Have you ever had to bring your pet to a pound, shelter, or animal control facility? If yes, please explain.
Have you ever had a pet for a short period of time and it didn't work out? If yes, please explain.
Under what circumstances might you justify giving up a pet?
Have you ever had to euthanize a pet?

Current/Recent Pets

Information to collect about current and recent pets.

Pet Name
Do you still have this pet?
Current Age?
Is this pet current on all vaccinations?
Veterinarian name and phone number that administered the vaccinations.
Please explain why you no longer have this pet.
How old was this pet when you adopted him/her?

Pet Care & Training

Cat Only Questions

Would you consider having a cat declawed?
What will you do if this cat scratches the curtains/furniture?

Dog Only Questions

How will the dog be exercised?
How many times a day will the dog be exercised?(on average)
What will you do if this dog barks a lot?
Have you ever participated in basic canine obedience classes?
Have you ever participated in advanced canine training classes? If so briefly explain what and when.
Have you ever successfully "potty trained" a dog?
Are you willing to crate train a dog?
Are you aware that even a well house-trained dog needs a period of adjustment to a new house and accidents may happen?
How do you plan on socializing this dog?
Under what circumstances would you allow this dog to be off leash?

Dog or Cat Questions

What kind of behaviours do you find unacceptable in a dog/cat?
What will you do if this dog/cat should display bad behaviours?
Would you be willing to hire a behaviourist/trainer at your own expense to correct a behaviour problem?
How do you plan to discipline your dog/cat for undesirable behaviours?
Are you able to afford yearly expenses for food, toys, grooming, and vet care that in a healthy dog/cat can average from $1300 to $1800 a year?
Are you willing and able to bear the financial burden of an emergency veterinary visit that could result in a bill of $500-$1000 or more?
Where will your dog/cat be when no one is at home?
Where will your dog/cat be at night?
What are some characteristics that you especially want in your new dog/cat?
What are some characteristics you do NOT want in your new dog/cat?
What will you do with this dog/cat in an emergency or if you go on vacation?
If something were to happen to you, what do you think would happen to this dog/cat?



Information we will collect about references.

Relationship to adopter
Years reference has known adopter.

Paws-Like-Me has researched over 500 adoption contracts used by organizations across the country and created a standard template with the most frequently used terms. PawsLikeMe does not make any claims as to the legality of the contract and is not a substitute for the advice of a licensed professional. The customization feature allows you to add your own terms and conditions. We strongly recommend seeking legal counsel on the legality of your contract before using it for adoption purposes. PawsLikeMe is not responsible for the content of any contract.

1. Edit Organization Info

To change organization information such as address, phone number, name, etc. you must go to the "Org Profile" Tab

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2. Adoption fee

The adoption fee is $. This fee is NON_REFUNDABLE with the only exceptions, if any, stated below.