PawsLikeMe has developed the first proprietary people-to- pet matching algorithm based on compatibility. The scientifically tested approach recommends matches based on the pet’s personality and the adopter’s lifestyle and environment. Adopters can search over 50 thousand pets Nationwide. The matching system boasts a 91% accuracy level based on user reviews and over 6-months of rigorous beta testing before being released!Also first-to- market, PawsLikeMe’s rehoming program is revolutionizing the future of pet adoption by engaging owners or pet guardians who would otherwise resort to shelter surrender. Those rehoming can interact anonymously with potential adopters through an internal messaging system. The program provides valuable guidance through the adoption process, and the tools needed to successfully place a pet into a compatible new home. For shelters, this could result in fewer intakes and more successful adoptions, offering the opportunity to focus on community based care and outreach.

PawsLikeMe is an Orlando, Florida-based startup company founded in 2014 and dedicated to developing innovative web-based technology to help people and pets find each other, and lead happier lives together.

Re-homing a pet

  1. Create an account for yourself.

  2. Add your pet by clicking the "Find a Pet a Home" button. Fill in all the required fields about your pet.

  3. We will send you your requested free marketing materials to help get the word out.

  4. Receive adoption applications and accept the one you feel will be the best home for your pet and approve it.

  5. PawsLikeMe will collect an adoption fee deposit once you agree to meeting potential adopter. This ensures that the adopter is committed and willing to care for your pet. Also up to 50% of the adoption fee is given back to animal welfare groups to help save other pets in need.

  6. We will send you the adopters contact information to setup an in-person meeting with the pet. We recommend the first meeting to be in a public place such as a dog park, pet store, etc. If you desire a second in-person meeting we recommend going to the potential adopter’s home so you can see where your pet will be living.

  7. If the potential adopter meets your approval then go ahead and approve adoption online. We recommend sending your pet with a few favourite possessions as well as previous veterinary records. If the applicant doesn’t match with your pet, then proceed to decline their application online. PawsLikeMe will refund their adoption fee automatically.

Benefits to those re-homing a pet

PawsLikeMe is the first-of-its kind, dedicated online pet rehoming service. We help pets nationwide that need to find new forever homes.

Our service is provided entirely online and designed to find the right homes for your pets – fast. We empower you to participate in the process by providing creative marketing and networking opportunities at no cost.. We understand how difficult this can be and aim to make the process as easy as possible for you, with no judgment.

Posting your pet on PawsLikeMe is a choice we hope you make in the best interest of your pet. The unfortunate reality is that approximately 50% of all pets that enter US shelters are euthanized, many simply due to lack of space. The other 50% face challenges such as depression and anxiety related to cage confinement, lack of human interaction, and feelings of abandonment.

General classified services like Craigslist provide good exposure but also open up certain risks. Information about the risks of posting a pet on Craigslist

Benefits to those adopting a pet

The PawsLikeMe system matches potential adopters with pets based on compatibility. Our proven people-pet matching algorithm is over 90% accurate.

We love to spoil our adopters! At the point of adoption, adopters receive an adoption package full of goodies:

  • 30-days of free pet insurance
  • product discounts on toys, food, and supplies
  • a care and training guide
  • an adoption Certificate and more!
  1. To post a pet, you must be at least 18 years old.

  2. The animal must be spayed/neutered prior to going to its new home. Unfortunately, we do not offer our re-homing service to unaltered pets. However, we do provide vouchers towards spay/neuter at designated low-cost clinics. Vouchers are provided once the pet is adopted on PawsLikeMe. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please Contact Us directly. We look forward to helping!

  3. A pet is a family member and all members need to be in agreement about when to rehome a pet, and who the right adopter will be.

Posting your on PawsLikeMe is free. However an adoption fee will be charged to the adopter. It’s important that an adoption fee is collected prior to an in-person meeting to ensure your safety and the safety of your pet. The adoption fee is only finalized once adoption is approved by you.

PawsLikeMe donates up to half of each adoption fee collected to rescues and shelters across the nation in support of animal welfare. Your choice of selecting a PawsLikeMe adoption goes a long way to help reduce the euthanasia rates across the country.

Yes. PawsLikeMe encourages you to meet with all applicants that have applied for your pet, which you see being a good fit. After your in-person meetings, where you see how each applicant interacts with your pet, you can chose to decline or approve the adoption. Once you decided on an applicant, we will automatically notify others that your pet has been adopted.
Yes – you may decline an accepted pet application easily if you change your mind. The potential adopter also has the ability to withdraw their application at any time prior to final approval. The adoption process has three steps: application acceptance, in-person meeting and final approval. You can decline any time before the final approval.

In the unusual event that an adopter asks to return a pet, PawsLikeMe will first verify whether the previous owner is willing to foster the pet until a new home is found. The previous owner is not required to take the pet back, even temporarily. PawsLikeMe will work with the adoptive family to help find a new home for the pet using our rehoming service.

PawsLikeMe does not have a facility to house returned pets, however will make every effort to assist in rehoming online.

You may access our full terms of use on the PawsLikeMe website.

In summary, people posting their pet agree to the following terms:

  1. They are the legal guardian for that pet.

  2. The pet is in good health other than any disclosed medical conditions.

  3. They will not accept money for the pet outside of the PawsLikeMe platform.

  4. The pet is spayed or neutered. In other words rendered incapable of producing offspring prior to adoption.

  5. The pet is current on rabies vaccination based on local law.


It depends because there are two types of pet listings on

The first type is a pet posted by a shelter or rescue group via the website, or via the PLM shelter administration panel. These pets represent the majority of current adoptable pet listings, and are located in shelters or rescue groups in the US or Canada.

PawsLikeMe does not interfere with a shelter’s existing adoption process. If the pet is listed under an organization, that organization is setting the adoption fee. PawsLikeMe only helps connect the adopter to the organization.

The second type is a rehomed pet posted by an owner or guardian using our online rehoming program. For these pets, adopters are able to submit a short application or questions directly to the guardian. They can then communicate using a fully guided online adoption center. Many tools are available for adoption processing, including setup of an in-person meeting and adoption fee secure online payment.

We simply don't allow anyone except approved non-profit organizations with a validated 501c3 status or veterinary clinic with validated license to receive any adoption fees. Puppy mills are breeding dogs to make money. They will not use our site because they will not receive any profit because they cannot actually sell the dog.

PawsLikeMe closely monitors all activity to prevent private users from trying to use our site for marketing and then selling their dogs on the side. Individuals that are frequently posting pets up for adoption, but then removing those pets without ever processing the adoption will be investigated and then banned from the site if they are found to be in violation of the terms of use agreement.
There are too many horror stories recently about the "free to good home" tragedies that happen to pets. Unfortunately the saying "Put your money where your mouth is" holds very true in the pet adoption world. Criminals have elaborate scripts and strategies in place to convince someone that their pet is going to a good home. Most people looking for animals to use as bait dogs, lab research, for torture, etc. are unwilling to pay for them. It has also been shown that if a person is willing to pay money to adopt the pet then the pet is valued higher and more likely to be well taken care of than one acquired for free.

The reason we don't allow the person re-homing the pet to collect the fee is to prevent irresponsible breeders, puppy mills, and pet flippers from using our services. Both the pet guardian and the adopter can feel good knowing that up to 50% of the adoption fee is going to help save more pets and the other 50% is being used to provide them with more and more resources for themselves and their pets.

Matching System

We are currently in the process of developing a feline matching system . For now, cats cannot be added to our site, however we encourage cat adoption groups to partner with us and help us gain valuable feedback during this development phase.
PawsLikeMe has developed a sophisticated personality assessment that matches humans-canines based on compatibility. This intelligent matching system has an algorithm that is proven to be over 90% accurate. This matching system takes into account personality, lifestyle, and environmental factors when generating a score.

The personality assessment is based on 4 core personality traits that influence the human-canine bond; energy, focus, confidence, and independence. A canine with high energy does not necessarily correlate to a person with high energy. PawsLikeMe helps guide potential adopters to find positive matches, and without judgement. There are no good or bad scores, there is a score that generates best matches for a potential adopter.
We cannot guarantee a perfect match, but we can provide you with intelligent calculations that generate your best match! PawsLikeMe’s personality assessment is a direct reflection and calculation of the information entered while taking the quiz. It is important to bear in mind that personalities and environments risk changing over time, and it is important to consider this when reading your matching scores. PawsLikeMe highly recommends meeting a pet in person, with all members of your household, prior to finalizing the adoption. Moreover, some organizations allow for temporary “sleepovers” for potential adopters to get a much closer look at the pets personality, and we highly recommended this. As PawsLikeMe collects feedback and data over time, the matching algorithm will continue to be refined and readdressed.
PawsLikeMe does not stop you from applying for a pet that is not considered a positive match, according to our personality assessment. However, there is a lot of validity in our matching system and we strongly encourage you to select a pet that is shown to be a positive match! Sometimes a pet is a not the best match in one home, due to environmental factors, yet a great match in another. Our matching system is aiming to prevent pets from having to find a new home, yet again, after they have been surrendered, abandoned, or lost.

It is also important to note that the organization will see your matching score, and your application may risk being denied if it is determined to be a negative match. However, clarification is also given and there are always exceptional situations.

Our goal is to find all pets the right home, and people the right forever friend!
The personality assessment score is not an indication of your actual personality. It is a personality score that is determined by evaluating the human-canine bond; a representation of the personality profile of your ideal dog. For example, you may be a very confident person, but are given a low confidence score. This simply means that we have determined that you would match well with a dog that has low confidence. Again, the assessment is not a direct reflection of your personality, but of your ideal canine match!


Of course! Just click on the "Manage Users" tab to start adding people to your organization. You will assign each member a role which will affect what parts of the organization they can or cannot access. You are not limited on the number of users your organization has.
As an organization owner you have full access to all the features of an organization account. One of these features is setting up member roles. Simply go to the manage members tab and click the "Roles" button. You will then see a list of all the current roles and their associated permissions. You can hover over each of these permissions to get a brief description of what they allow a user to do. Only the "owner" of the organization account can delete the account.
If a potential adopter is interested in a pet from your organization, PawsLikeMe will collect information about the person and forward it to the email address associated with the organization.
Each pet has his or her own account. In the case of an organization that pet's guardian is that organization. If there is a specific individual that is directly in charge of the adoption of that pet a "foster parent" can be assigned. The foster parent needs to be given a role (if they don't already have one. We recommend the "Foster" role). Anyone can see that pet is part of the organization, but only the foster parent or members with permission to "Manage all pets" can make changes to that pet's profile.
*Please note that we do currently associate pets from If you want these pets to be associated with your account on PawsLikeMe please be sure to use the same email address that you are using for your account.
Yes, you can. Making changes to a pet's account is easy. Just select the pet you want to modify on the pet list. Once you are in that pet's profile just select the edit link to change information such as date of birth, name, status, etc. You can also add more pictures and change which pictures are displayed.

Referral Program

You can direct the person to Tell them to create an account and follow the instructions about the rehoming process. Tell them to enter your organizations name so you will get credit for the referral once the pet is adopted.
  1. You can direct the person to Tell them to create an account and follow the instructions about the rehoming process. Tell them to enter your organizations name so you will get credit for the referral once the pet is adopted.

  2. Give them one of your referral cards (please contact us at at to request referral cards). Please be sure to have the name of your organization written onto the card.

Your organization is responsible for telling the person to enter your organizations name when they post a pet. That's it! PawsLikeMe takes care of the rest. You are under no obligation to that person for assistance past the referral.
Once an adoption has been finalized there is a 10 business day holding period on the funds in case of return of pet or dispute. After the holding period has expired and costs associated with the adoption (e.g. neuter voucher) will be subtracted. PawsLikeMe will distribute the funds via check or direct deposit to your organization on the first of every month.